Humanity’s love of sport is global, transcending national and cultural divisions and encompassing some of the most noble human aspirations and qualities.

Sport recognition tends to be confined to athletes and players, leaving sport storytellers - those who bring the exciting world of sport to the ordinary enthusiast – underappreciated.

The Sport Media Pearl Awards, managed by AIPS (International Sports Press Association) and hosted by Abu Dhabi Media, is a new platform for the celebration and development of sport media excellence among key industry practitioners and enthusiasts around the globe. The awards seek to become the most significant international accolade across every platform for achievement in sport storytelling.

The annual event is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city is a cultural nexus point situated between East and West, where global sporting traditions and influences converge.


The Pearl is the symbol of the Sport Media Pearl Awards: the pearl trophy is awarded to winners in every eligible category, in addition to a USD10,000 prize.

The image of the pearl holds particular significance for Abu Dhabi's heritage, where pearl diving formed part of its emerging economy. The pearl is also globally recognised as a symbol of uniqueness and superiority.