1. The Sports Media Pearl Awards 2015 are open to professional journalists, whether directly employed or freelancers.

  2. Applications may come from AIPS cardholders as well as those who are not members of the association but must come from one of the countries represented by the 160 member national associations.

  3. All entrants must be persons who are eighteen (18) years of age or older on or before September 1st 2014.

    (Please refer to the Official Rules for more details)


  1. Read the Official Rules.

  2. Click on “Login” to login.

  3. Complete your profile and upload your submission.


  1. Submissions should only be made via the Awards’ online website. Supporting documents and proof of publication are also to be submitted only via the website.

  2. Each entry for the 2015 Awards must have had its first publication or broadcast between September 1st, 2014 and August 31st, 2015. Proof of publication must be submitted with the entry.

  3. A maximum of 2 separate submissions are allowed across all categories of the awards.

  4. The language of the Awards is English. Entries first published or broadcast in any language other than English will be accepted. Entrants may submit the text of their entries translated into English for judging at the time of entry. Filmed entries may be subtitled in English by the entrant.

  5. Entries must be submitted on, or before, 6 pm on Monday, September 7 th 2015, United Arab Emirates time.

  6. “Special awards” categories are not open to submissions.

    (Please refer to the Official Rules for more details)


The awards will be assessed by a jury of eleven respected professionals, including the President of the Jury and one Ambassador of Sport, drawn from leading sport media organisations or backgrounds producing content across all platforms relevant to the categories outlined. The jurors and the Ambassador of Sport will be nominated by the AIPS President.

AIPS is the respected professional sport body with nearly 10,000 representatives from over 160 national sports associations across the globe.

The jury will be basing its deliberations on nominations put forward by a panel composed of the AIPS Executive Committee. The panel is charged with shortlisting ten potential candidates for each award category for consideration by the Jury. The Jury will select from the nominations three finalists who will be invited to Abu Dhabi for a two-day special sport conference preceding the final awards ceremony in December 2015.

The Jury will meet in Abu Dhabi to determine the winners. The Jury is charged with the responsibility and authority to accept, substitute or reject nominations, and may in extraordinary circumstances offer its own suggestions.


Each eligible award consists of an original trophy and prize money of USD10,000 for the winner, and prize money of USD5,000 for the second and third placed finalists in the "Photography", “Writing”, “Audio”, “Video” and “Journalistic Weblog” categories.
“Sport For a Better World Award” will carry one prize of USD10,000 for the winner, and an extra USD50,000 that will be awarded to the nonprofit organisation that is the subject of the winning coverage.
“Special awards” are not open to submissions, and winners will be awarded with a trophy, without prize money. In the Special Awards, there will not be a second and third place.